PVD Coating

With equipment and technology developed by Nissin Electric, applying techniques and practical achievements developed over 35 years in Japan, in 2020 PVD Coating metal coating technology was officially present in Vietnam. Male. Equipment and technology imported directly from Japan, we advise and provide the most suitable coating to meet each customer's needs.

What is PVD Coating?

By creating a hard film layer of a few μm on the product surface, the coating helps increase hardness, reduce wear, increase slippage, reduce adhesion, and prolong the life of molds, tools, and machine parts. . This membrane is harder than nitriding and chromium plating. While the thickness is only 2-4 μm. In particular, the Hydrogen-free DLC coating is only 0.1 to 0.4 μm thick. The processing temperature is controlled below 450 degrees Celsius, so steel that has been tempered at high temperatures (SKH, SKD, etc.) will not be affected.

With 6 types of coatings: TiN, TiCN, TiALN, CrN, AlCrN, DLC and outstanding features, we are confident that we can bring customers the best coating quality, meeting short delivery times. best. Solve problems that arise in production.

Detailed parameter table of coatings

Titanium Nitride seriesTitanium Carbon Nitride seriesTitanium Aluminum Nitride seriesChromıum Nitride sertesAluminum Chromium Nitride seriesDiamon Like Carbon series
Thickness (µm)2~42~42~42~42~40.2~0.5
ColorMetallic goldGreyTeam~DenSilverSilver blackRainbow
Vickers hardness (Hv25gf)1800~22002000~30002000~30001200~22002600~32003000~5000
Friction coefficient (With SUJ2)
Operating temperature (℃)6005008008001100500
Processing temperature(℃)<480<480<480<480<480<250
CharacteristicUniversal coating typeHigh hardness
Low friction
SUS processing
High hardness
resistance Anti-corrosion
Heat resistance
Corrosion resistance
Copper alloy processing
High hardness
resistant Abrasion resistant
High hardness
Soft metal processing

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